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About Tavern IMACAT’s

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Introduction to Tavern IMACAT’s

Tavern IMACAT’s is I, imacat, my personal website. It was started at March 9, 1998. I was original built on GeoCities (now acquired by Yahoo!), the largest non-profit on-line free home page community then. It was one of the few Taiwan Lesbian web sites at that time. After years of changes it is now settled on my home server, using GNU Debian Linux, Apache web server and my own Selima 2 content management system.

Tavern IMACAT’s has no specific target or mission. It’s only mission is to be my personal website: Publishing my writings, sharing my essays, my knowledges, my experiences, and providing a stage for me.

Why Tavern?

The reason I built a tavern is to create a feeling of warmness and comfort and to become a resting corner for the people going by. This may be relevant to my own experiences. People are often busy, here and there, under different preasure for different reason. Numerous people are passed by us day by day without our notice, that we are too busy give a minute to stop a while and say hello. Less than one-tenth of them are relevant to us even we are that close! How lonely we are! I would like Tavern to be a corner where people may stop from their business, put down their coolness, sit down and have a cup of hot tea or coffee, talk with people aside, acquainted or not, until when you feel you are ready for your next trip.

In order to fullfill my requirements as to bring the feeling of warmness and comfort, I use warm colors as the main background. The background of Tavern is a piece of tartan. With a piece of tartan I would like to express a feeling like a bakery or a country restaurant. But it has a fatal disadvantage: Its contract is very low, and is a little difficult to read. I would like to say sorry if that does cause trouble to you.

So, do you feel the warmness Tavern was trying to show you?

Tavern’s Design

I, imacat, is the author of Tavern IMACAT’s. I’m a web programmer, not an art designer. I know nothing on the contract, hue, saturation, radian, ratio, bla bla bla. I don’t know how to use PhotoShop, PhotoImpact, DreamWeaver, FrontPage and Flash, either. I only know what I ought to know: Best web programming with best content. Many lesbians have professional art design training. They built really-pretty websites. I like their websites and admire their beautifulness. But that’s not me. I have my professional skills. Tavern IMACAT’s uses GNU free technology completely, follows strict XHTML 1.1/CSS2.1 standards, follows W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, level Triple-A for the disables, follows RFC 2616 HTTP 1.1, using ISO 639/3109 language and country code standards… There are few websites in Taiwan (or even in the whole Chinese world) can meet these harsh standards. I have confidence to Tavern, because it’s built by myself.

If, for this reason you feel upset on Tavern’s outlook, thinking Tavern is not pretty enough, I’m sorry. You may follow the links in Keep Travelling. There are many websites that meet your needs. But, if you like the simpleness of Tavern, the standard-conformance of Tavern, the easiness to visit Tavern with all kinds of tools, like its content, its warmness and its comfort, I would be very happy about it. ^_*'

By imacat 2.25.’05.