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Since 3.9.’98, last updated last update.

You are the counterth traveller of Tavern! ^_*'

Welcome! I’m the barmaid, Cotton. Please sign on our Travellers’ Guestbook first.


Bulletin Board

Full Text Search — Selima 2.20

Finally we’ve got a full text search in Tavern now. Though there are still 28 pages not in the database yet, most of the content can be searched now. Yeah! ^_*'

Tavern Diary — Selima 2.12

The Tavern Diary editorial system is back with Selima 2.12. Finally I have a place to write things myself without messing with the Travellers’ Guestbook.

Tavern Goes WCAG 1.0

Tavern is now following WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), to enable people with disabilities to use the website. Tavern is currently following WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 1.0, Level Double-A. (In fact, it’s only one step to level Triple-A.) You can see the WCAG 1.0 WAI-AA logo in the bottom of the pages.

New Keep Travelling — Selima 2.1 with Related Links

The related links are managed again! The first step of the Selima 2 content manage system is done, with related-links management. You may see that Keep Travelling is updated. This is a major achievement toward a fully-powered Selima content manage system.

New Travellers’ Guestbook — Selima 2 with PostgreSQL

Finally Selima 2 is out. This is the total rewrite of the previous Selima system, in order to use SQL database server as our data engine. You’ll feel a little slower on Travellers’ Guestbook, but the site content will be powered up by the new Selima 2 content manage system from now on. ^_*'


vsntp is an SNTP client daemon for machines without a sane system time. This is my first daemon, my first socket program and my first public-released C program. Any comment or suggestion is welcome. ^_*'