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Tavern’s Computer Room

In this section are my notes on the computer relative topics.

My Member Pages

Below is a list of my member pages on several services I applied. Various aspects of my newest infomation and activities are available there: ^_*’

My Projects

These are some projects written by me. There must be someone out there who needs these functionalities, too. If one’s code is used by all who others need that functionality, we can save a lot of time not doing duplicated works. Then, we can used this saved time for more works that are not attended yet, which benefit every one of us. I think this is one of the essence of the term open source: sharing and accumulation.

HOWTO Tutorials

Server Infomations

Logo And Links

Taver IMACAT’s server is powered by the following softwares:

Linux 2.4 | Debian | Apache | mod_perl | Comprehensive Perl Archive Network | openssl | mod_ssl | Python | Mailman | Analog | Pure-FTPd | UltraEdit